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Garbage worker 2 of 5 | miniature figure

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Product description

Garbage worker miniature figure - second of 5 miniatures

The Müllwerker miniature figure is a perfect choice for model building lovers and diorama enthusiasts. This meticulously crafted miniature figure captures the authenticity of the Garbage Workers with stunning precision, adding a lively touch to your dioramas.

The garbage collector miniature figure is an absolutely essential piece for those who love dioramas that celebrate realism and a meticulous attention to detail. Whether you're already a seasoned model building enthusiast or just about to delve into this world, this figure will add an extra dose of authenticity to your dioramas while emphasizing the important role garbage collectors play in our society.

product properties

3D SLA printing
In gray to paint yourself

diorama ideas

This multifunctional miniature garbage collector figure can be used in various diorama contexts to create vivid narratives.
  1. Farm Scene: Include the figure in a rural diorama to show the waste management process on a farm where sustainability is an important factor.

  2. Harbor Diorama: Place the figure in a harbor to show waste management and recycling in a maritime context.

  3. Construction Site Scene: Incorporate the miniature figure into a construction site to illustrate the construction waste disposal process.

  4. Conservation Diorama: Use the figure in a diorama that emphasizes conservation and sustainability to demonstrate the importance of proper waste management.

  5. Festival or Event: Include the character in a scene from a festival or event to show the role of garbage collectors in cleaning up public spaces.


Even if the miniature figures encourage playing, please make sure that small children do not play with them! Small parts can always break off. Miniature figures are not toys!

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