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Hammerhead Shark Folk – Tabletop Figures (3 pcs.)

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Product description

The Hammerhead People regularly visit Sinister Harbor to trade and gather information about sunken treasure. A tip: never joke about the shape of her head!


  • Hammerhead People (Medium)
  • Hammerhead Shark People Attacking (Medium)
  • Hammerhead people with axes (medium)

Can be used for the following tabletop games:

  • Dungeons & Dragons (D&D): Ideal for seafaring and treasure hunting adventures.
  • Pathfinder: Perfect for campaigns with maritime themes and exotic races.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Suitable for a world full of fantastic creatures and adventures.
  • Savage Worlds: Ideal for adventurous settings with a focus on exploration and trading.
  • Starfinder: Can be used as an exotic, aquatic race in sci-fi scenarios.

            Product features

            3D SLA/FDM printing
            In gray to paint yourself
            28mm Heroic Scale
            for 25.5mm base (not included)


            Just a little note for you: The miniatures come to you unpainted and some of them have to be assembled yourself - a little superglue can work wonders here! Sometimes there may be small residues or slight damage caused by the support structures, but unfortunately these cannot always be completely avoided.

            But don't worry, this won't affect the quality of your model.

            However, it should be noted that due to the 3D SLA or FDM printing process, there may be slight distortions (up to 1.5mm) in larger parts. However, these small imperfections are easily repaired with modeling putty (Green Stuff).

            It's just a small part of the process that gives your set a unique character. Have fun painting and assembling!


            Even though the figures are great to play with, it is important to remember that they are not suitable for small children. There is a risk that small parts could break off. Miniatures should not be viewed as toys.

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