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Tabletop miniatures

Tabletop miniatures, terrain, vehicles and accessories in 3D printing for your games

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Cityscapes are an intriguing category of tabletop terrains that provide a vivid and realistic setting for your tabletop battles. With detailed buildings, streets, squares and everything that defines a city, you can fight epic battles in an urban setting.

In a cityscape, you can conduct strategic battles for buildings, checkpoints, and roads. Bring your miniatures to life as they scurry down narrow alleys, seek cover in the ruins, or clamber on the rooftops. Create a sense of hustle and bustle amidst the urban bustle.

You can design your cityscape according to your imagination, be it a modern metropolis, a medieval city or even a futuristic city of the future. Add details like lanterns, billboards, park benches or street signs to add authenticity.

City landscapes offer countless possibilities for tactical gameplay and open up exciting scenarios for your tabletop games. Immerse yourself in a living world of cities and let your miniatures come to life in this urban battlefield.