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Plague Wars: The fight in a plague-infested land

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Plague Wars: The fight in a plague-infested land

Discover the dark and devastating times of the Plague Wars - a time of war in a land ravaged by plague. Designed by Invictus Miniatures, this set features detailed tabletop miniatures and terrain to create your own infested war world.

In this set you will find:

  • Plague Officers :
    • Infested Officer (Medium)
    • Healthy Infested Officer (Medium)
    • Infested Officer with Minigun (Medium)
  • Plague Doctor Generals :
    • Plague Doctor General (Medium)
    • Plague Doctor General with Saber (Medium)
    • Plague Doctor's Seated General (Medium)
  • Infested Soldiers :
    • Infested Soldier (Medium)
    • Infested Soldier Throwing (Medium)
    • Shooting Infested Soldier (Medium)
  • Cyborg Medic :
    • Cyborg Medic (Medium)
    • Cyborg Medic with Chainsaws (Medium)
    • Cyborg Medic with Round Saws (Medium)
  • Damaged Cyborg Scouts :
    • Damaged Cyborg Scout (Medium)
    • Damaged Cyborg Scout with Weapons (Medium)
    • Damaged Cyborg Scout with Rifle (Medium)
  • Rotting Soldiers :
    • Rotting Soldier (Medium)
    • Rotting Soldier with Flamethrower (Medium)
    • Rotting Soldier with Machete (Medium)
  • Infested War Machines :
    • Infested War Machine (Large)
    • Infested Bladed War Machine (Large)
    • Flying Infested War Machine (Large)
  • Other highlights :
    • Old Airplane (Very Large)
    • Plague Destroyer Mech (Large)
    • Blazing Plague Destruction Mech (Large)
    • Plague Walking Destruction 'Mech (Large)
    • Plague Wars Soldier (Medium)
    • Plague Wars Shooting Soldier (Medium)
    • Plague Wars Running Soldier (Medium)
    • Heavy Enforcer (Medium)
    • Heavy Enforcer with Club (Medium)
    • Shooting Heavy Enforcer (Medium)
    • Patrol Car (Large)

Dive deep into the scenario of a post-apocalyptic battle and lead your troops to victory in the plague-ridden land!

Delivery without support structure! | At least 6K print resolution | Tabletop Miniatures | Tabletop Terrains | Tabletop buildings
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