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Mortuus Tabletop Creaturen

Mortuus Creatures - Tabletop creatures

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The PrintMinis Mortuus Creatures collection is a collection of 3D printed miniatures specially designed for use in tabletop games. This collection focuses on creatures and characters that fit the genre of horror, the sinister, or the supernatural.

The miniatures in the "Mortuus Creatures" collection can include various undead, monstrous or sinister figures such as zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts or other spooky creatures. These miniatures are usually offered in 28mm scale or similar sizes, which means that they fit well with other miniatures and playing surfaces in tabletop games.

PrintMinis is a company specializing in 3D printing miniatures. They offer different collections ranging from fantasy to sci-fi to horror themes. The "Mortuus Creatures" collection is specially designed for players who want to create a dark or spooky ambience in their tabletop games.

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