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Why Model Size Matters: An Introduction to Model Scales


Guido Sommerkamp |

  1. What are model scales?

Model scales are an indispensable tool in model building work. They help reduce the size of objects to a level suitable for the model and ensure accurate detail in execution. So if you want to work with small models, it's important to know what kind of model scale you need for your project.

In most cases, the scale is given in the form of an inscription. An example of this is the inscription "1:48" found on many models. This means that each part of the model is 1/48 the size of the original. So you can easily see whether the model corresponds to the original or not.

The right scale makes the difference between a professional and an unprofessional result. Therefore, experts recommend resorting to branded models or kits, as these usually have precise scales and allow the model maker to produce his models without errors.

Choosing the right tool is also an important factor in model making. Depending on which scale you want to use, you need special tools to achieve your goal. You can build smaller models with normal tools, but the results are often not as good as with the right tool at the right scale. By using tools of different sizes, you can achieve exact results and thus save time - especially with larger projects - without having to compromise on quality.

Model scales are therefore essential for every model maker and help him to achieve the best possible quality in his work and save time. With the right scale, you can create detailed dioramas and deliver professional results - whether building a house, a car or model figures!

  1. Why is the size of the model important?

If you get serious about the hobby of model making, it quickly becomes clear that the size of the model is a key factor.

This applies to both slot cars and model railways. But why?

First of all, the scale plays a decisive role in the space-saving construction of the model. If you want to build a slot car track, among other things, you need a lot of space. Depending on which scale you use, it can be longer or wider. The same applies to model railways: the larger the scale, the more space is required.

Another important point is the level of detail of the models. With larger scales, you gain access to higher quality and more detailed models because there is more room to incorporate detail into the model.

In conclusion, it can be said that the size of the model determines the space requirement on the one hand and the level of detail on the other. Both points are important for every hobby model builder - regardless of slot cars or model railways.

  1. What model construction scales are there?

Model making is a hobby that involves much more than just a variety of different gauges and scales. Although most model building scales are manufactured to the nearest millimeter, the differences between each scale for each project can be significant. Choosing the right scale model can be tricky, here are some of the most common model building scales to consider.

Slot cars are popular model cars that are usually offered in 1:32 and 1:24. These are the two most common scales, but there are other options available such as 1:43 and 1:87. Again, it's up to you to decide which scale best suits your project.

Model trains often use one of the larger scales in model making. The most popular is the HO scale or 1:87; but there are other options available such as N-Scale (1:160) and OO-Scale (1:76). Choosing the right scale for your model railroad scenario should be based on your specific needs. The place plays a crucial role here.

Miniatures and tabletop figures are often found in 28 mm or 32 mm in 1:56 to 1:64 scale. This scale is perfect for toy soldiers and miniature figures, as well as tabletop strategy games and role-playing games. However, there are other sizing options for this type of figure, so make sure you pick the right scale based on the requirements.

  1. Scale table of the most common scales in model making
the common modeling scales


Designation in model construction

Calculated figure size in mm at 180 cm for my miniatures in the shop on Individual-3D

scale 1:24*


scale 1:32*

lane 1


1:35 scale


scale 1:48*

track 0


1:72 scale


1:87 scale

Gauge H0


1:120 scale

Track TT


Scale 1:144


Scale 1:160

track N


Scale 1:220

Z gauge


Scale 1:350


Scale 1:700


*Orange = standard sizes in the shop (other miniature sizes available on request)

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