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Official dealer for Epic Miniatures - German quality products for tabletop games

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Detailed, German-made, 3D-printable German tabletop miniatures and terrain from Epic Miniatures, available at
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We are extremely pleased to announce that, your tabletop expert from Germany, is now the official dealer of the impressive miniatures and scenery from Epic Miniatures! With this new partnership, we are expanding our offering with high-quality, beautifully designed tabletop products that will take your game to the next level.
Epic Miniatures is known for their masterful 3D printable miniatures and terrain. These expand the world of tabletop gaming, whether it's Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer, or any other popular game. Thus, the tabletop from Germany are available for everyone here.
Starting today we are making available this excellent selection of German made tabletop miniatures and terrain. At we attach great importance to quality and attention to detail. That's why we print each model at a minimum of 6K resolution, resulting in sharp, detailed characters and terrain that catch the eye and enhance your gaming experience.
We at are proud to be able to include the fantastic creations of Epic Miniatures in our range for tabletop from Germany. We guarantee the best quality, made in Germany.
Epic Miniatures designs stunning 3D printable miniatures and terrain that are perfect for a variety of tabletop games. Here are some of the most popular games they design for:
1. **Dungeons and Dragons (DnD)**: One of the most well-known and popular role-playing games worldwide, DnD brings players into a world of fantasy and adventure. The miniatures from Epic Miniatures enrich the gaming experience and add a tangible dimension to the game characters and the game world.
2. **Pathfinder**: Pathfinder is another fantastic RPG set in a rich fantasy world. The highly detailed miniatures from Epic Miniatures add extra realism and detail to the world of Pathfinder.
3. **Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Age of Sigmar**: These popular Games Workshop games are set in dark, warlike worlds. Epic Miniatures' epic miniatures and terrain perfectly suit these games and increase the realism of the battlefields.
4. **Star Wars: Legion**: This tabletop game brings the Star Wars saga to the gaming table. Epic Miniatures miniatures can be used to create additional characters or terrain to bring the galaxy to life even more.
5. **Frostgrave**: This fantasy game takes place in the icy ruins of a once great city. Epic Miniatures terrain pieces are great for depicting this frigid environment.
These are just a few examples. Epic Miniatures miniatures and terrain are designed to be versatile and suitable for a wide range of tabletop games. With their level of detail and quality they make a fantastic addition to any game world and you can purchase this German made tabletop here.
Discover now our latest products from Epic Miniatures on for Tabletop from Germany. Be inspired by the extraordinary miniatures and terrains that will enrich your tabletop experience from Germany. We welcome your feedback and look forward to introducing you to the exciting world of Epic Miniatures tabletop games!